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Xbox AV Connector 



The Xbox High Definition AV Pacl< connects the Xbox console to component AV and digital audio input. 
It is for use exclusively with the Xbox™ video game system from (Microsoft. 

IMPORTANT! Before using this product, read the Xbox Instruction (Manual for important safety 
information and health warnings. Please retain both the Xbox Instruction Manual and these 
instructions for future reference. The limited warranty covering this Xbox AV pacl< is contained in 
the Xbox Instruction Manual. 

Connecting to a TV 

Use the Xbox High Definition AV Pacl< to connect the Xbox console to 
the component AV input of your high-definition TV: 

1. If the Xbox console is on, press the power button on the Xbox 
console to turn it off. 

2. Connect the Xbox AV connector to the AV port on the Xbox console. 

3. Connect the component AV cable connectors to the high 
definition AV pacl< and to the component video input [Y, C^/Pg, mgiwA, 
C„/P„) on your TV. 

4. Connect the left and right audio connectors to the high 
definition AV pacl< and to the audio input on your TV. 

5. Set the appropriate video input for your TV to display Xbox 
games. Common names for video input are Input Select, AUX, ^ : 
Line In, Line, In, Input, Source, Video 1, and EXT, depending 

upon your TV type. For more information, see your TV manual. 
For high-definition TVs, you must select the appropriate video settings for the Xbox video game system: 

1. Turn on your Xbox console with no disc in the disc tray. 

2. Select Settings, then select Video. 

3. Select the correct high-definition video setting for your TV. 

Connecting to a digital AV system 

If your system (typically, a receiver or amplifier) has digital audio input, you can connect to digital 
audio rather than to the standard left and right audio input. Digital audio input should produce 
higher-quality sound. 

1. Connect video input using the AV pacl< as described in steps 1 and 2 of Connecting to a TV. 

2. Connect the digital audio cable connectors to the digital audio output of the AV pacl< and to 
the digital audio input of your receiver. 

To use digital audio, you must select the appropriate audio settings for the Xbox video game system: 

1. Turn on your Xbox console with no disc in the disc tray. 

2. Select Settings, then select Audio. 

3. Select the digital audio setting for your system. Play DTS or DolbyE Digital audio only on AV 
systems that support these audio settings. 

If you need more lielp 

Should you have any problems, do not attempt to tal<e apart, service, or modify the Xbox High 
Definition AV Pack or Xbox console in any way. Doing so could present the risl< of serious injury or 
death from electric shocl< or fire, and it will void your warranty. Do not tal<e your Xbox video game 
system or this peripheral to your retailer for repair or service, unless instructed to do so by an Xbox 
Customer Support representative. 

Please see or call the Xbox Customer Support number: 

Hong Kong: 800 96 4215, Singapore: 800 448 1330 


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Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA. 

Xbox AV ?iaiEi 

Xbox J15fi! AV MS Xbox ^MIW: Snit!^ 
AV iJ c-lxm ^t|^ °iao]| <32|sf 4. oi£ 
^ sH^cH, Microsoft Xbox™ld|D|^ 7i|°J A|A 

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m xboxflis ^SA^£^ oi xiuss ^ M^5^ 

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Xbox xi\m M'SMOW ^fe^£|(>^ 5iiifMcK 

TVOII <^^t\7\ 

XboxHaH! AV M-g A^g5|-CH HSm TVO| |^rt| 
y^ AV ?ja(^i Xbox^*^|# 'Sli&Mc-K 

1. Xbox ^n\7[ ?iAi 01 -S 3° Xbox ^A||o| 

:gg <^^m fe£|Ai eMc-K 

2. XboxAV ?iajE|# Xbox ^m°\ AV ^^0\\ '^iil,^L|C^. 

3. f^nit!^ AV 7]\o\M ^i^JElM nsHi AV m iJ TVO| ^ni^^ 
H|Q|s ?ja(Y,c/P3,C/P„)0)| giiSMc-K 

4. S^ nj ^ = ^ 2.c.\2. ?ia)E|# jisfg AV aj4 tvo| ^c|^ 
01 a Oil |3lit,^L|DK 

5. Xbox 7ii°i-s 5^go]|A^ m ^ °J.^^ imiM ^'^^ u|ti^ °j^ 

m M^m^c^[. am^ °iao]| A^^ A^gE|J^ omo\\^ tv ## ^'^'■- "^^^ 

CHI il\R\ VJ/2.\!^ ?J3|, 'U^ -y^. Line In, Input, Source, Video 1, 

EXT §0| °ii^L|l=-K 
JIS.\M TVO| 3^, Xbox U|C|^ 7]|oi AlAiJOII '^i'^E: ^1^1^ "MSS 

1. C|A3. ^a^|o|(}|| D|A37|- oit 4^E[](}||A^ Xbox ^x^|» ^MC-K ^ 

2. -as, b|[:|Sl- A|-al|^ -yajehLicK 

3. A^g go| TVOil °>t JISHJ H|D|S ^SS >^Eij5hL|DK 

C\X\% AV A|>il!0|| ?325h7| 

A|A!^(iJy-5jo^ B.|A|bl i-^ °^^)0\\ DlAll ^C\Q. ^aO| oj-g 3° S§ -5^^ □] c^ = ^ 2.C-\2. "^ 

a Lfi-y tlAlg ^Dl^oil <3^tt 4^ 5J-SMC-K c^WM ^t|^ "^J^S A^g5^g #i!o| i.^^^l|L|c-L 

1. TVOII 3aS|-7|o| tfTJl ijil- 2(}||Ai WStl ^W^ AV M-g A^g5^0^ H|C|S °ia|0]| '^li%^L-\C[. 

2. ClAll ^C-\2. 71|0|1- ?mE\m AV raoj ClAlS SD|^ ft^4 5.|A|bHo| II.|A|S SC-IS 'U^0\\ 

ClAlS ^C|^» A^g5^Sjg Xbox U|C|S 7)|°| A|A!^0]| it°>S ^D|^ ^Wg ^^ajsljOf t,^L|D^. 

1. D|A£i Eaiioioii c|A^7^ °ife ^^E[]o)|A^ Xbox ^xm gL|C-K 

2. •as, .aqs* x|-ai|s -yajehLicK 

3. AlAHioil iy-fe C-lAlS sc|^ -MSS ^aj&Ljc-K DTS ife SU|® C|A|S ^C|^t oWsi SC-I 

2. M^S Al^Sfe AV A|Ai](})|Aiy XN-gsl-yAI^. 

£=0| D| gosh go 

Sxj\7[ >^^m 3° Xbox JiaflJ AV aj ife Xbox ^n\m cHcE|s^ h^h^o^^ ^^^ y^^^ c^^ Bg5^A| 

□ |-fe]A|S. 0|£|Sh go ^^^^0|L^ 5^X[]^ AI4S^ i^M CE^ A^°,^o| o|go| OIOQ^, MgS i^S^ ^S 
4. OI^LIDK Xbox JIZH A|S ^^&^A|-7|■ A|A|S^ 3°-! 7;i|£|5|-Jlt Xbox U|D|^ 7i'|°l A|A!^ it 0| ^ 
e g-xH ADH^o.^ ^|-Ai7|-Ai ^a|s|-7iL|- AiU|A-l giA| n|-tilA|^. A|0|E-f. ^H^g|-7-|L|- Xbox Jiaj A|g -yiE|0|| go|5|-yA|S. 
C(]Shn|^: 00368 440 0090(4^-yA|- ti'i,^) 

URL SI c^# oiEiyi 1 A^o|E ^hi^^ ^5hsh o| M'SM^l LHgB o^iji ojol t^^i! 4. °iiirMc-L c^# 
^So| °i^ s^^ gailoil A|#s 5|Af, 7|i^, xi|#, £[}]|oi o|#, ^^A^ oiliJ 4^^, ^ji, A^=,^, ^i, 51 o|«!! 

E §a 4IX-II l:^|0|E^7^ 0^yL|DK CH:E|S[ Ajxil 5|A^, 7|:ah, Xl|g, £Dl|o| o|#, gA^ QlliJ ^A, ^Jl, X[ 
■s^ ^4, it OieiE^^t <^^X\^ o|£7^ OHOQ^ ^gTll o^5[|A-lE o| ag,:.^^ Jig A^^,^gSS §^ 
5fe 5!& A|-gA|-0| *HoioiL|C|-. A^^,^gO]!A^o| ga|£|-t 'i£^, 0| -MgAiol CH[E|Sh tigt Microsofto| 
gA|WO| AiS #oj SiOlt CH:E|S^ l^lom >^t^(^7|5^^ 7|7l|ij, iiiA|-7|0)| o|Sh aA^, D|A3 ^i^Af i-^ 
C-^# a^a) ife ^Wo^£ iiiXl|E|7i^, a^H AlAiOil Ai^f £E^ £°jE|7i^_ 51^1!' 4^ Sl^Mt^K 

Microsoft7|- 0| M'SM ^ycHI ^l-i^g ss^S, ^^sg, A^^^3, i^ 7|e|- a|w x[jAj-:g g-g- M^^H- 4. 

£ oji^LlDK AiS A^Sg 7l|of0]| l^^^^ Microsoft^i^Ei ^|5^0^|7|| SAI^o^ x-H^g g^l ol^lOil, 0| 

•MSAio| n\^E ?-|5|-o]|7|| o|£|s^ sg^g^ ^^s?^, Ai^t^, i^ 7|E|- Ajw x[|>4g §o]| l:[]s^ cHiisi- 

© 2002 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Microsoft, Xbox iJ Xbox ^Ht n|^^ ^HShni^ SiZ-EEfe 7|E|- ^7|-0||Aio| Microsoft Corporation 

"SHI" iJ "Double-D" 7|sfe Dolby Laboratorieso| -^^a°lL|c:-^. 

oi7|o)i °igg ^xii 5|A^£^ nm oms m-^ A°A^o| A^^ij 4. oi^l|dk 

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA 


xbox Av assg 

Xbox ^Stt AV S.W^ 

Xbox Mmn AV m%mm^ xbox ±mmm^mit&m av w^^mm^itifiA ° xbox ssm av leitm^ 

Microsoft (^ Xbox™ tlltlsSIISI.ftWffliBffi ° 

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1. ipmxbox3E«ii:ifi=i&^ ■ mwc¥mu\-k& • i\^w,umm ° 

2. m Xbox AV JlggiSSil Xbox ±a±&^ AV ±-1 <■ 
MmT (Y - CB/PB - CR/PR) <■ 

5. umw^&m^mmmx ■ tAm^^ xbox ^m « igji«ms^isM ■ m Kegm 

ItlfiAS^— M^ffiiRT : Input Select - AUX - Line In - Line - In - 
Input ■ Source - Video 1 f P EXT <■ iPBM^fflllSBtl ■ Bi#KtJl 

JtstasM mm ■ %&MM Xbox wmm.'&'immMm, s^mitiiSE ■■ , 

1. ifia(Xbox±«i (^isftssft'^^^ffisiTtiS) ° 

2. MHx [ta:^] ■ ^t^MHx [^ifi] <■ 

3. ummM^^'^mmVAmmi'^ - 

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1. fepf.iitMi (iissm) ^s 1 w 2 ■ f^ffl AviBftmjigmitifiA » 

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^m^fflSfe^iti ■ #!i>;^^iiixboxmBti5Siffi.^,^5ii^a^&^§ai5s - 

1 . mk Xbox ±ti(7tlSftSS4'^^WfiM7tiS) » 

2. iim [Bg:£] ■ ^Itiiix [i^Si] ° 

3. limiE^i&^afe^aiSS - RWftiSJl!feeHat^:jt&^ av %m.h • tm%tk DTS iK Oolby® Digital 

mmiWiw^m ■ m^um^^xboxMm'SAym^^mi^AimTj^miim - mi'ts^^mk ^ i^a^s 
mmski&'Xifnm9.mmmumskw.t: ■ ^mikmshmmmm^m - mm rxbox^g^^^^gj i-^mmi&mi± 

si#M sK^JSfT FXboxg^sigJ Ml$. ■ 
00801 44 4231 
800 96 4215 
■ ifjtmiA ■■ 800 4481330 

*Xl^4>&^H6tl (feffi URL RSftfe Internet ll4i#RI!) ■ iP#«M?i;^^fTa» ° B^^^^^liafl ■ SRiJ*3t;^tEi?i| 

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mm ■ Mp°n ■ ti±s ■ «^^»imiih ■ mwMm ■ am ■ ima-s^i^ - m^^f-ij^mm^immmim^^m^t^nii - 

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system) ° 

Microsoft ^mm^^^xi^^^irmRf^^^mt^Mmm ■ mmiKftm ■ iSjti ■ mm$ • ^n'(i^mm3j\mm 

© 2002 Microsoft Corporation.j^g?— ij]ft ^ij ° 

Microsoft - Xbox fP Xbox jSjtiH^ifS Microsoft Corporation ftHaR/sgSteai^&^liffliSjtiJSjSfti ° 

Dolby fP St D mfMMi Dolby Laboratories (i!^MM ° 

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052-6399 USA. 

0902 Part Number: X08-85961-01